Music production from TWISTED is no longer open to the general public.

Please call the TWISTED office for more information on discounts.

  • Crossovers will pay ½ price for their second team (for choreography camps only) in addition to the regular first team price. Skills cross-competitors will only pay once.
    • For example: Full price for first team is $170. The crossover would pay $255 ($170 first team + $85 second team) for both teams.
  • Our creatives are handpicked from some of the top gyms in the nation and are incredible. Please understand that it puts the creative in an awkward position of having to turn down a job offer from someone they are working for.
  • If you would like to know if a creative might be interested in a job at your gym, please contact the camps director.
  • All scheduling/booking of camps will be completed through the camps director only.
  • Please remember that asking a TWISTED creative/technician to come to your gym without clearing it through TWISTED, puts that person in an awkward position. If TWISTED finds out that this has happened, it can put the creative/technicians job at risk, and the gym’s relationship with TWISTED. We appreciate your sensitivity to this.
  • On the flight information sheet that you receive, the creative/HI email address and phone number will be provided for you.
  • Please remember that your creative/technician is on the road and working, so they may not immediately respond back to your phone call or email. They will make every effort to get back with you as quickly as possible.
  • The camps director is always available during regular business hours by phone at 1-888-77-TWIST or by email at to assist you.
  • Keep in mind that the staff lives on the road during the summer and the more comfortable and happy your creative/technician is, the more enjoyable the experience for everyone.
  • A good rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t enjoy your stay in a particular hotel, they probably won’t either.
  • Gift baskets with water/soda/gum/goodies are always a great way to show your creative/technician how excited you are for your camp.
  • TWISTED books all flights for the creatives and skills technicians and the cost will be shown as a line item on your invoice (choreography camps only).
  • YOU are responsible for the hotel arrangements and payment, all ground transportation, and lunch on the days of your camp.
  • We accept checks and credit cards (there is a 3% processing charge for all credit card payments)
  • You will receive an invoice about 2-3 weeks before your camp with all charges included (flight and final numbers).
  • It will depend on the size of your facility. We can fit up to 50 athletes on a full floor at a time. They will be broken into groups to work on the various parts of the routine.
  •  We will send as many instructors as necessary to accommodate your program
  • The workday is scheduled for 9-4 with an hour break for lunch.
  • The Head Instructor (HI) works with your director to figure out what your needs are for the camp. We have a basic schedule that we follow that allows for us to hit all of the elements in a cheer routine. We can personalize your camp to fit the needs of your program within the set schedule.
  1. We begin booking summer camps in February and continue through out the summer.
  2. Contact the camps director to schedule dates for choreography and skillz camps for your teams at or call 1-888-77-TWIST
  1. Pricing for choreography camps will only be discussed with gym owners or program directors.
  2. Please call the office for current choreography pricing.
  • All of the choreography in the routine with the exception of the stunt and pyramid choreography.  Pair a routine outline with a skills camp to make your routine complete.

The schedule for your choreography camp will be set by TWISTED with regard to your athlete’s experience level and the appropriate amount of time needed for the choreographer.

Each choreographer is different and full routine choreography generally takes about 1.5-2 days to learn (this is mostly based on the athlete’s ability to pick up the material). Outlines can usually be completed in one day.

  • Your competition stunt and pyramid sections of the routine for each of your teams
  • Technique training and skill building on everything in your routine except tumbling
  • Also a great opportunity for your coaches to learn too!
  • Please call the TWISTED office for current pricing.