"Twisted represents all things great in cheer. Luke's passion and creativity are the driving forces behind Twisted. It was a natural step for him to add Competitions to the mix! He has created a team dedicated to reach beyond the boundaries that the world of cheer has seen to date. Twisted will continue to innovate, elevate, and keep the fun in the sport of cheer! If Twisted's name is on it, you know it’s good!"

-Kelly McKeown Executive VP of Design & Corporate Relations GK ELITE Sportswear

Luke Johnson
Founder/Creative Director

David Steely
Leadership and Development

Gregory Williams

Sinnell Baker

Greg Shannon

Brenda Wooden

Bri Carter
Customer Relations

We are looking for your "Twisted" athlete! Twisted encourages athletes to grow and expand their creative minds to keep cheerleading & dance FRESH and PUSH it to the next level. Any athlete who is outside of the box and not constraining their creative ability. Athletes can be from any part of your program. Remember this is an athlete that is excelling on the creative side of cheer & dance, showing innovation, determination & has something special that could make an amazing impact within the industry!

Some skills that we are looking for, but not limited to are: Bow maker, Uniform Designer, Apparel Designer, Future Choreographer of the Year, Excellent Student Coaching abilities, Technique/Skillz Expert or Music Mixer.

Twisted - Accepting Your Creative Drive!

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