Luke Johnson – Twisted Owner

Interview with owner of Twisted and creator of The All Star Games speaks out about his newest accomplishment.


Experience the best Creative Skill Technicians in the All Star industry from TWISTED CREATIVE CAMPZ! Creating the HOTTEST choreography, perfecting UNIQUE building skills while perfecting technique, and hosting the ULTIMATE camp experience for your athletes. The Creative Team at Twisted does it all! The best of the best are at your fingertips, through the Twisted Gateway available WORLDWIDE. Our Creative Campz™ are designed to help push your athletes to the next level in your competitive season.
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The All Star Games

Created to Unleash Aerial Sports. Gathering athletes from a variety of events under one roof, The Games enables these extreme events to inspire each other. Holding the core philosophy of The All Star Games at heart in each event we:

  • encourage creativity: these are ever evolving sports requiring innovation
  • honor athleticism: precision and technique showcase the practice, hard work, and endurance of every competitor
  • inspire performance: where passion and artistry meld together to entertain and inspire
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Twisted Staff

We love and respect none the relationships we build between our extended All Star families none , from the gym owners and coaches, to the parents and the athletes. When experiencing Twisted none , trust that customer service is our #1 Priority none ! With the best team in the industry, don’t worry, Twisted’s got your back! none

Over 15,000 Clients, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

Twisted hosts the premier, quality, production that the all-star world has been looking for! From start to finish, the competition was run without flaw! Upon entering the competition doors, we were greeted by the cheerful faces Twisted who welcomed guests to the arena and answered our questions. The hospitality continued the duration of the competition making athletes, coaches, and families feel welcomed. Putting on a great production is only half of the reason why our program will return to Twisted. The other half is the outstanding judges who not only gave useful comments on score sheets, but also gave suggestions on how routines can be fixed! The warm up room was organized, timely, and was an overall cheerful place to be. The staff at Twisted worked their hardest to accommodate the needs of our athletes. Luke Johnson and his team, to no surprise, run an extremely effective and fun cheer competition production company. Our spectators enjoyed the stage lighting, the music, and the mommy dance off!! Twisted’s attention to detail did not go unnoticed!! As with all Twisted services, quality is placed at the top of the list. We plan to attend many more events in the future, and cannot wait to see the Twisted staff again!
Ali Ciccone, Xcel Athletics
Our program had their first experience with Twisted Eventz in the 2012/2013 competition season. Not only did the staff treat us like family from the first call through the awards ceremony but the event itself was run with the utmost attention to detail. Luke Johnson and his talented team at Twisted have worked hard to offer something new and unique to the cheer world. From exciting event themes with amazing staging and backdrops to an original piece of lit acrylic art for the take home trophy, Twisted Eventz thought of everything. Our athletes loved the team gifts, gym banners and placement medals they received and our staff loved the caliber of programs involved and positive connections made to influential people in the cheer industry. We saw some of the toughest competition and most amazing choreography while at this event. If you’re looking to offer your athletes something new and want to compete against some of the best teams in the country check out Twisted Eventz. I know we’ll be adding more Twisted to our schedule this season! Get Twisted! Royalty Athletics did and had a blast!
LeAnna Pacyna & Niki Oxley, Royalty Athletics
I can’t say enough about Luke and his staff! I would recommend Twisted to anyone who asked, and in fact i HAVE! This was our first year competing with Twisted and I must say it will not be our last! The event was fun and packed with energy and excitement! The competition was on time and the staff was super friendly! When we were in warmups we asked for more time for our level 5 team and low and behold, we were given more time! Who does that? TWISTED does! The other (and there are many), things i loved, when our teams competed we didn’t have to stand in the back or on the side to run the music. The music is in front on a riser where you can see your team perform! It makes it SO nice for who ever is in charge of music! When we got our score sheet, the judges wrote many helpful remarks on how we could improve our routines. It felt good to know they were paying attention to the creativity of the performances and not just how many skills you hit on a score sheet. And the best part? Money rewards! Not only did our kids win Jackets, medals, champion banners and a VERY cool light up trophy, at this particular event you can win money! At the end of the day I was asked if there was anything I felt could be done better.They truly wanted to know. We also have used Twisted for U5 choreography and music and we LOVE IT! Full paid bid to Worlds!
Susie Eakle, Indiana Ultimate Inc

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